Reverse Entropy Stars And Nuclear Fusion

So today during the tutorial session, you mentioned that reverse entropy stars would have nuclear reactions which are the reverse of those found inside regular stars. However, I thought that the reverse of Nuclear Fusion was Nuclear Fission, and if this is true then it definitely wouldn't be absorbing photons, due to the fact that Nuclear Fission releases a myriad of energy. So my question is, is the reverse of Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fission? Or a process we haven’t yet observed?

-John Gilbert

I meant what I said! Although admittedly sometimes I don't, so fair enough for asking. :-) All reactions are reversible. The reversed reactions don't seem to occur much in the forwards-entropy world, but they're perfectly permissible when the right particles come together.

"Nuclear fusion" and "nuclear fission" are both huge classes of reactions, not single reactions. So, right, the backwards fusion reactions would be fission reactions, but they wouldn't be the same as the fission reactions we use in bombs. Not all fission reactions produce energy. The ones that are the opposite of fusion reactions don't.


What exactly do you mean by the right particles? Do reverse entropy particles exist? Or are they simply forward entropy particles that we have yet to discover such as 4th generation fermions or some sort of anti-particle? I'm assuming the answer will be along the lines of "we don't know." :)


They're perfectly ordinary particles. Just the ones that would be the outputs of forwards-entropy reactions, and which are the inputs of reverse-entropy reactions.