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This course has a very long name.

This is a special topics course at the ANU, running from late November 2017 to early February 2018.


Classes have finished!


  • We'll all read "Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point" by Huw Price (, and discuss it in twice-weekly videoconferences. These videoconferences are compulsory, because the discussion will be an important part of the course. (There won't be participation marks though.)

    See compulsory reading.

  • There will also be supplementary readings which I'll choose (with your help) as we go. These will be much shorter than the main reading.

    See optional reading.

  • As we go, everyone will make their own choice of a specific topic related to the book to write a report on.


See syllabus.


  1. Make sure you're OK with the timetable (above).

  2. Read the Course Outline, and note again that the teleconferences are compulsory.

  3. Enrol ... You should have received a permission code from the Maths Department which you can use to officially enrol in MATH3349. If you're in the PhB, you have the option of applying to take this course as an ASC instead, assuming your PhB coordinator agrees.

Discussion pages

See Discussion.

We might also have some sort of live online forum, if people want that.


Since this is such a small course, you might like to make a page here to introduce yourself: People.

Jason Grossman