Limited Time Only
This may not be entirely accurate physics. Jason


I find it somewhat ironic that the final image of 'nothingness' is still 'bounded' by the comic box edge.

Reading into it (perhaps a little too much) I think it's a useful metaphor for our ideas about the universe and the Universe. Is it bounded? Is there a discernible edge? I also find it interesting that we have to have an empty box that has a visible edge, for us to know that that is nothing. Rather than just ending on the box prior and leaving the rest of the page blank. Nothing needs to be defined as nothing, thereby making it not nothing, but something.

Will we always need that edge? Can we, as humans, ever truly comprehend the notion of the unbounded?

Personally, I'm a fan of the MIB 'ending': MiB ending spoiler. But that's just me.

Cat Gordon

I like that too.

MiB comment moved to another page because it's a spoiler!