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Assignment 3 Submissions
end-of-semester sculptures
xkcd on SETI
An interesting read on the Fermi paradox
conceptualising - assistance sought
decoherence in QM and entropy
gravitational wave discovery faces scrutiny
take-home exam hints, going to the pub, and other end-of-semester stuff
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Sociology and philosophy
Wigners Theory
Dr Riggs talk on Big Bang
Schrodingers Cat
the two-slit experiment
Awesome podcast: The State of the Universe
Search for extraterrestrial life clouded by exomoon atmospheres
maths book collection
Embodied cognition and quantum physics
possible support for panpsychism
chance and luck in evolution
Course feedback!
Deinococcus radiodurans durability
we don't know, but can we?
Reverse Entropy Stars and Nuclear Fusion
Lunar eclipse
Some of what we don't know 2
Some of what we don't know
Entropy is not what it used to be
Elegant Universe
thoughts on time or thoughts in time?
Trivial Coincidence
The Problem of Induction
Assignment questions
Some Relevant Public Lectures
Multiverse Interactions
Silliness in Dadaism
Beginner Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, etc. video lectures
Mathematics - constructed by humans or encoded in nature?
guest lecture on planets by Carl Brusse
Solar System Map - Scale: Moon=1pixel
Cosmology in Music?
Limited Time Only
Do fundamental particles exist?
Brian Schmidt - Accelerating universe
Kuiper Cliff
Catalyst - Custom Universe
Model answer to assignment 1
Einstein and the Cosmological Constant
A new planet-like body has been found!
Cosmologist on a tire swing