I'm undertaking a Flexible Double Degree at ANU. I have been doing a B Science/ B Arts with subjects from maths, physics and philosophy. However, next semester I'm taking all Visual Arts courses with a view to transfer to B Visual Arts/B Arts mid-year.

I like landscape painting and find myself particularly interested in 'figures' in the landscape. This is historically problematic in Australian visual culture. I'm also interested in notions of Australian national identity (or myth thereof) in Australian art.

As for the B Arts degree I'm still unsure. I had wanted to continue in philosophy, but the philosophers I want to read are not really presented to undergraduates at ANU. I'll probably major in English literature or Asia-Pacific studies.

Beyond university my main interests are aikido, cooking, visiting galleries and camping. I very much like reading Asian literature, particularly as it relates to zen and warrior culture.

I hope you do well, because I might not have the guts to give a bad mark to a warrior. Jason


Your safe. We hold our swords upside down!

The penetrating brilliance of swords
Wielded by followers of the Way
Strikes at the evil enemy
Lurking deep within
Their own souls and bodies.

― Morihei Ueshiba