Assignment 3 Submissions
Hi Everybody.

Nic Brown here

Just wondering whether people would want to upload their Assignment 3 to this website.

It'd be great to read all of you guys thoughts.

Some idle Calvin and Hobbes: :D

Also Jason that song 39 is awesome!
Any other recommendations?

I'd love it if people would upload their assignments. I'm not allowed to do it unless you give me permission.

If you'd like your assignment to appear here, either email me and tell me to upload it for you, or go to

But please don't do it until July, because some people have long extensions. Let's not give them any temptation to plagiarise your assignment.

There's no hurry. This web site will probably be around for a few years to come.

As for music, I don't know where to start! There's too much!


Okay, Cheers.

Oh found this,
A fantastic TED talk by john Lloyd on Physics and Invisibility:
More like philosophy on what we don't know

Ha ah well thanks anyways